Wike insists government owes citizens responsibility for accessing basic health care

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike insisted that it is the primary responsibility of any government to ensure equitable access to basic health care for citizens, especially the poor and the underprivileged. most vulnerable in society.

He said Nigeria must, as a priority, strengthen public health institutions, because Nigerians who cannot afford medical treatment abroad do not deserve to die.

Le Wike made this claim after inspecting the ongoing construction work at Dr. Peter Odili’s Cancer and Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Treatment Center; basic clinical sciences and clinical sciences, the departments of nephrology and pathology at Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, in Port Harcourt, Saturday.

He said the goal of the government’s huge investment in tertiary hospital and public health infrastructure is to make the state the hub of medical tourism in the country, stressing that any government that recognizes the centrality of public health and its essential role in nation building, prioritize strengthening public health institutions so that those who do not have the means to seek treatment abroad do not die.

Wike said; “How many people can afford to travel abroad. We have everything we need to improve our healthcare sector, to provide the necessary facilities. We have our doctors, all we have to do is train and retrain them. Look at the Government House Hospital (Port Harcourt), see how people congregate there, because the basic facilities are there and the doctors are ready, determined to work because of the environment they have found themselves in.

“If you provide our employees with the required environment and give them the facilities, the tools to work, we don’t need to travel abroad. When people come to the Government House Clinic, they look at the facilities and say that is not what we see overseas. So we can reproduce it here in Nigeria.

He said the government must make it a priority to provide incentives and create an enabling environment that can help ensure that doctors and other medical experts do their jobs well.

“So my own motivation is that if I have the option to travel overseas, what about others who don’t have the option to travel overseas. Should they die just because they don’t have the opportunity, ”the governor asked.

He added: “It is the government’s obligation to ensure that our citizens receive the best to protect their lives. It is the government’s responsibility to protect lives.

“So for me it’s our responsibility and so we have to do everything we can to save the lives of our people by making sure that our health care delivery system is working and that doctors are getting the best for them as well. “

Wike described the quality of the work at the Dr. Peter Odili Cancer Center for Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment as very satisfactory. He revealed that the contractor, Julius Berger, is working diligently to meet the deadline for the completion of the project.

He explained that the ongoing construction work in basic clinical sciences and clinical sciences; The buildings for the departments of nephrology and pathology are necessary to make Rivers State University a full-fledged teaching hospital.

He further stated that the state government does not owe the contractors who run the renal center, pathology department, basic clinical sciences or clinical science buildings at Rivers State University Hospital. . He instructed the institution to ensure that all contractors are working towards the completion of the project by May 2022.

“We have spent so much money in the health sector and we believe that in the end our staff will appreciate what we have been able to commit to health. For us, giving the best to the people of Rivers has always been our priority. All I pray is that the entrepreneurs meet on time.


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