What should a principled conservative do about Trump? (with Mona Charen)


For decades, Mona Charen has been one of the foremost right-wing political writers and commentators. A speechwriter for Republican luminaries such as Nancy Reagan and Jack Kemp, she has worked at the Reagan White House and has been writing a national column since 1987. Believes Donald Trump has “totally discredited” conservatism. She is now editor-in-chief of The Bulwark (one of the leaders of the Never-Trump right) and host of the Beg to Differ podcast.

Mona Charen has long been critical of leftist dogma, particularly what she sees as an attack by modern feminism on the family and other key supporters of American society. But she was also one of the contributors to the National Review’s “Against Trump” symposium in January 2016, noting that Trump “represents all the stereotypes the left has put forward about what conservatism really is.” Unlike almost every other contributor to this question, she has consistently criticized Trump – and the hypocrisy her former Conservative comrades have shown towards Trump and other bad right-wing actors.

Today, Mona Charen remains critical of the left but believes that Trump and his movement pose a greater existential threat to American democracy. She has evolved into moderation and has demonstrated a commitment to civic dialogue and civil disagreement in her writing and podcasts. Join us to discuss his career and his efforts to articulate realistic, reasonable and responsible conservatism.


Transcription to come 1/12/2022.

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