What happens if you test positive for Covid while traveling?


Either way, for better or for worse, these are just recommendations. Some employers, educational institutions, states and counties have additional isolation policies, but few places actively enforce quarantine. Depending on where you tested positive, you might receive a call from a contact tracer. Or maybe not.

A crucial step when planning any trip is to familiarize yourself with the points at which you will need to be tested and what would happen if you or someone you are traveling with tested positive, including the length and type of quarantine. . In some destinations, the only concrete consequence of a positive test is that you cannot board a flight. In other destinations, health authorities may require you to stay in a public hospital for more than 10 days.

Pack like you’re going to get stuck, advised Amy Eckhardt, owner of World View Adventures, a travel agency based in Buffalo, NY. That could mean bringing in an extra two weeks of medication and your laptop from work.

Ms Eckhardt has not yet had a positive customer test abroad, but has learned from her own experience. To celebrate her 40th birthday, she spent about a month and a half in Mexico last winter before being able to get the vaccine. For the final leg of her trip, she chose a resort in Costa Mujeres that offered free on-site testing and covered the cost of food and accommodation during quarantine, if necessary.

When her results came back positive on Jan.31, she said, hotel workers asked her to put on an “orange biohazard” bracelet and move from her beachfront room to one at the beach. basement in “the quarantine section”. Because she was the first hotel guest to test positive, the staff were always looking to deal with such situations. Her compound posted a guard outside her door, and initially she had to move to a new room across the hall every three days, as people wearing coveralls and goggles disinfect the room and put new towels in the bathroom.

Fortunately, she never developed serious symptoms and her main obstacle was boredom, which she countered by posting detailed iguana updates on her patio and other humorous sightings to a private Facebook group. for travel agents. After completing her 10-day quarantine, she tested negative and returned to the United States.

A person infected with Covid will typically test positive for five to eight days, said Dr. Freedman of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.


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