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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2022

City of Pittsburgh Stormwater Code Updates Receive Civil Engineering Merit Award from ASCE Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA – The City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) have received the 2021 Civil Engineering Merit Award from the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for reviewing and implementing Updating Stormwater Code and Ordinance (SCORU Project).

The SCORU project was chosen for this award because of its emphasis on the need to modify forecasts to account for climate change. He has implemented many innovative code practices that require the use of future climate precipitation projections as part of current stormwater design procedures. The City of Pittsburgh is one of the first cities to require these practices, based on extensive national and international peer-reviewed research, a review of global climate trends, and historical trends in precipitation data. The SCORU project has demonstrated sensitivity to community needs, safety and forward-thinking actions that will provide a vital improvement to current practices.

The first set of stormwater management requirements were implemented in March 2019, to comply with state and federal mandates such as Pennsylvania Law 167 and the Pennsylvania County Stormwater Model Ordinance. ‘Allegheny. However, it was understood that more comprehensive analysis, community engagement and additional recommendations were needed for the consolidation and improvement of municipal stormwater policies, processes and codes. This led to the launch of the SCORU project in 2020. These updates were made possible through collaboration and engagement across the city, external agencies such as PWSA and multiple stakeholder groups.

“Proper stormwater management is necessary to ensure the health and safety of Pittsburgh residents by providing stable environmental and economic conditions through improved water quality, reduced flooding and green infrastructure,” said Martina Battistone, Senior Environmental Planner. “We are honored that our team’s hard work on these code updates has been recognized and we look forward to the rollout.”

Updates to the Stormwater Code were accepted in October 2021 and will take effect March 31, 2022. City of Pittsburgh and PWSA officials will accept the merit award on February 19.

Visit EngagePGH to review approved legislation and stay informed of code rollout: https://engage.pittsburghpa.gov/stormwater-code

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