Weekly Now: Brewers Group Launches Efforts to Combat Sexual Harassment: Associations Now

By Ernie Smith / May 24, 2021
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The Brewers Association says it will support a long-term initiative to improve inclusion and create safe working environments among its members. Also: Examine research on responses to the pandemic from associations at a higher level.

Recent controversies in the craft brewing space are leading to serious work on the challenges the sector faces when it comes to inequality and sexual harassment.

And the Brewers Association (BA) is ready to do this job, announcing “A call for community actionThat he would take steps to lead “a long-term, industry-wide effort” to make the brewing space safe and inclusive.

“We at the Brewers Association want it to be clear that we condemn any act of aggression, harassment, violence, sectarianism, discrimination or inequity,” says the association.

As BrewBound Remarks, the appeal was issued in response to a pair of official complaints about a member’s behavior violating BA’s code of conduct. Additionally, there was a strong response to this issue after Brienne Allan of Notch Brewing, based in Salem, Massachusetts, posted stories on her Instagram account of women facing discriminatory experiences in the industry.

“What started with tales of sarcastic remarks and crass questions snowballed into stories of toxic work environments and sexual harassment and abuse,” the outlet reports.

For her part, BA said she would form a coalition with other beer industry groups to help create safer and more inclusive workplaces and team up with human resources experts. to develop tools for members. Other groups are expected to join the coalition, including the American Society of Brewing Chemists, the Craft Beer HR Professionals Group, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, and the Pink Boots Society.

The latest move comes less than a year after BA updated its governance documents to create a code of conduct, which was spurred by concerns about racist incidents within its member base.

Other recent titles:

Wedding groups form a strategic partnership. The National Gay Wedding Association (NGWA) will work with the National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals (NSBWEP) to help improve education and support opportunities for black wedding planners. “Partnering with the National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals is essential in bridging the gap that currently exists in the wedding planning industry,” said Ric Simmons, founding director of NGWA, in a press release. NSBWEP President and CEO Tara Melvin adds that the partnership “will amplify our message of inclusiveness to our diverse and talented member base.”

The power of events in fundraising. A new report from the Classy online donation platform [registration] finds that linking peer-to-peer fundraising tactics to standard fundraising events can have a major impact on the amount campaigns raise, with events supported by peer-to-peer efforts increasing a median amount 4.5 times higher than standard events on their own. “As organizations have pivoted their event strategies in 2020 to incorporate online and virtual engagement opportunities, the ability to raise funds has proven to be a significant way for supporters not only to feel a sense of participation and involvement, but also to have a significant financial impact in these difficult times, ”the report states.

Lessons on the pandemic, in aggregates

Research around associations during the pandemic doesn’t bring a ton of good news, but it does highlight some important things to think about.

A recent blog post from WBT Systems, which summarizes the latest research on the post-pandemic outlook for associations, making it clear that while the news was not all good – income cuts, budget cuts and hiring freezes were common – there were notes positive, especially for associations with innovative mentalities, which have found room to adapt quickly to the midst of the dynamic changes of the pandemic.

Citing in particular the ideas of Mary Byers, CSP, CAE, the report suggests that organizations that are not being innovative enough may need to take a step back and focus on agility and culture.

“To be successful over the next five years, the leaders of the association have stated that the most necessary aspects of innovation are the prioritization followed by building and cultivating a culture of innovation,” said the message. “Byers says these facets of innovation require focus, time and attention, not necessarily big budgets.”


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