Vibra Health Laboratories Launches New Coagulation Tests, 25 Additional Chemistry Tests, and Updated Chemistry Panels

TROY, Mich., October 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Vibra Health Laboratories (VHL), a leader in clinical laboratory medicine, is delighted to expand its clinical laboratory services to include chemistry and hematology as well as an expansion of robust molecular disease testing infectious diseases and one of the most comprehensive urine tests. drug confirmation test.

The addition of chemistry and hematology includes testing for coagulation studies as well as a broad panel of cardiac, hepatic, thyroid and NPWT profiles.

Coagulation tests include PT, PTT, INR, and D-Dimer. These tests help the doctor measure the ability of the blood to clot and can help the doctor determine if the patient has abnormal bleeding or a bleeding disorder. They are also used as a therapeutic monitor for patients taking blood thinners. Adding the new tests and panels to their existing menu provides physicians with a comprehensive list of analytes for the diagnosis and monitoring of the most common diseases and conditions.

“Vibra Health Lab is committed to meeting the laboratory needs of our clinicians, hospitals and, most importantly, patients,” said Brad hollinger, President and CEO of Vibra Healthcare.

All tests have a 24 hour turnaround time.

The Vibra Health lab is happy to expand our new testing options. Our primary goal remains the highest quality care for our clients and patients. For a complete list of all VHL lab tests and services, including new coagulation and chemistry tests, please visit or call 248-846-0663 for more information.

SOURCE Vibra Health Laboratories

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