Vets feel crisis with influx of new pets and mental health

ELDRIDGE, Iowa (KWQC) – “One descriptor would be incredibly busy, we’re kind of nonstop, go go there every day,” Dr Skye Doerscher of the Risius Family Veterinary Service.

“We’ve been busier than usual,” said Dr. Nathan Wedeking of the Walcott Veterinary Clinic.

Being a vital business, with many adopting pets during the pandemic, and now with the staffing issues facing the industry, veterinary clinics are starting to feel the labor crisis.

“It’s been a really big emotional struggle, it’s just dealing with high expectations that we can’t always meet,” Doerscher said, “One of the biggest frustrations is that people are a little older. demanding, I think we are all just fed. with life in general, people are tired of waiting on the phone because many companies use their phones, a lot more people are tired of waiting for things online. “

“We’ve been stable for over a year, it’s been overwhelmed,” Wedeking said.

The clinics were also faced with limited capacity.

“It was a challenge when you used to be able to have several clients in the building at the same time and now if you go to see one at a time or if you go to the sidewalk, there is a delay there. . the challenge of communicating with someone, ”Wedeking said.

“When I can’t look customers in the eye and say ‘I’m so sorry but these are my findings’ it breaks my heart,” Doerscher said.

The biggest advice from both doctors is to make sure you plan things in advance.

“If you have an animal that needs to be vaccinated or if you know you need a refill of medication or if you have a medical need that needs met, maybe it can wait a few days, be compassionate. “Said Doerscher,” If you know things are coming due, plan ahead and schedule that appointment, most clinics schedule an average of two to three weeks for wellness appointments. “

“Don’t wait until the last minute and try to be patient,” Wedeking said.

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