Vets call for vaccination as canine flu cases increase

LA QUINTA, Calif. (KESQ) – It’s flu season and not only are humans getting the flu shot, but our furry friends are also advised to protect them from canine flu.

Kathryn Carlson, owner of Village Park Animal Hospital, says dogs can get very sick with canine flu.

“It actually develops into pneumonia,” she said.

Pneumonia can go unnoticed and eventually land a dog in the emergency room.

Los Angeles Veterinary Public Health recently reported its largest canine flu outbreak with 10 cases.

Because of this, Coachella Valley vets are seeing more and more people getting their dogs vaccinated against the flu.

“The most important thing to know is that there is a vaccine that prevents it,” Carlson said.

In recent weeks, the Village Park Animal Hospital in La Quinta, Calif., Said it has already detected three cases.

The canine flu test typically costs around $ 200, but Carlson says it’s important to detect when a dog has the flu.

“It’s really more serious as we start to see these outbreaks because you can certainly think of it as something minor like kennel cough and it can be something much more complicated,” he said. she declared.

If your dog is not yet immune to the flu, it is advisable to keep your pet out of certain situations.

“One of the ways they get this flu or any other kennel cough situation is in situations like dog parks or boarding houses, grooming facilities,” Carlson said. “You have to be very careful where you take your dog these days.”

If your dog does get the flu, he needs to be isolated from other dogs to prevent the spread.

“They should be quarantined if your dog was with another dog who had the flu,” Carlson said.

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