Veterinary hospitals have the option of keeping curbside appointments or making them in person

It comes after New York State lifted the curbside warrant.

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY – The New York State border mandate for veterinary hospitals was lifted last week. This means pet owners can finally walk into the exam room instead of having to wait in their cars during appointments.

Before its lifting, only owners who had to euthanize their animals could go to hospitals.

New York State still requires masks, but leaves it up to vets to decide what other rules they wish to require.

Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital is one such place that now allows pet owners to enter with their cats and dogs.

Although Dr Susan Wylegala said she was actually surprised at how less stressed animals didn’t have their owners inside before.

“I would say 95 percent a lot more relaxed without their owners in the building, a lot more relaxed,” Wylegala said. “Really, if an owner is nervous or expects their pet to be nervous then the animals would feed off that emotion for sure and without it for them it was a much more relaxing environment.”

Wylegala will also continue to offer curbside appointments even after the pandemic for this reason, and for the convenience of pet owners. Masks must be worn and a pet can only have one owner with them at this time.

However, Wylegala believes the curbside option is here to stay for the entire industry.

“As we move forward as a business, we always want to make it easier for our customers to get veterinary care,” she said.

While some pet owners have found the option more convenient under the tenure, Mariah Mekarski says it’s time for her to be up because her cat Tater Tot is getting too anxious without her at the Summer Cat Clinic. Buffalo Street.

“I am very happy because I take her at least twice a month for a blood sugar check and I always have to leave her at the front door and it is very sad,” Mekarski said.

Since the state has left it up to veterinary hospitals to decide whether they want pet owners to return indoors, it’s best to check with your pet’s doctor to see what they are.

Some have already put it on Facebook like Transit Animal Hospital and City Creatures Animal Hospital.

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