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Ludhiana, March 21

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University organized a training program for women farmers under the project Farmer FIRST Farm, Innovations, Resources, Science and Technology).

This training camp was conducted under the leadership of Dr. PS Brar, Director of Extension Training and Nodal Officer of the Farmer FIRST Project, and Dr. YS Jadoun, Principal Investigator of the project.

A boot camp was organized in the adopted village of Dhaner of the Mehal Kalan block by members of the project team, including Dr. Pragya Bhadauria, Dr. Gopika Talwar, Dr. Rekha Chawla and Dr. Navkiran. Twenty-five beneficiary women farmers from the adopted villages participated in the training camp.

Dr. Gopika Talwar gave a lecture on the added value of milk and its products. Women farmers have been made aware of the benefits of selling dairy products rather than fresh milk. Dr. Talwar also shared various simple techniques through which they could prepare value-added dairy products and sell them through different marketing channels.

Dr. Rekha Chawla educated women farmers on different homemade dairy products like ‘kalakand’, ‘ghiya barfi’, ‘gajrela’ and whey drinks. Dr. Chawla also explained the preparation methods of these products. Dr. Pragya Bhadauria has motivated women farmers to form livestock-based self-help groups (SHGs) at the village level. —

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