Vet Med’s community surgery department accepting new patients

The community surgery department at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital is once again accepting small animals from the community, contrary to its shelter-only policy of the past two years.

The department is separate from the hospital’s specialized surgery departments (soft tissue surgery department and orthopedic surgery department) and allows fourth-year students of the School of Veterinary Medicine to gain more hands-on surgical experience at the hospital. during their clinical placements. Unlike specialty surgery services, the community surgery service offers basic, low cost surgeries performed by students. UC Davis employees receive an additional 10% discount.

The basic surgeries offered by the Community Surgery Service include: sterilizations / sterilizations, amputations, cystotomies, massive ablations and hernia repairs. A complete list of surgeries and patient requirements can be found on the Community Surgery Service website.

The Community Surgery Department offers veterinary students the opportunity to perform some of the most common procedures seen in veterinary practice. For more complicated cases, surgeries are performed by board-certified faculty surgeons in the hospital’s specialty surgical departments.

All procedures performed by the community surgery department are closely supervised by UC Davis faculty veterinarians. No experiments are ever conducted on patients, and no procedure is ever performed without the consent of the owner.

Clients with small animals requiring basic surgeries can contact the community surgery department directly by phone, 530-752-7631, or by email.

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