Unilabs to Deploy Ibex AI-Assisted Cancer Diagnostics Platform Across Europe

Unilabs and Ibex are teaming up to make cancer diagnosis more precise, faster and more targeted.

Under the new agreement, Unilabs will deploy Ibex’s AI-powered multi-tissue Galen platform in pathology labs across Europe. Supported by advanced machine learning algorithms, the platform evaluates tissue biopsies in real time to provide valuable information on tumor grade and size.

Other notable features of the Galen include worklists for case prioritization and cancer heatmaps for increased diagnostic accuracy.

“This cutting-edge AI technology will help our teams quickly prioritize urgent cases, speed up diagnosis and improve quality by adding an additional set of digital eyes,” said Dr. Christian Rebhan, Medical and Operations Director at Unilabs.

Rebhan continued, “When it comes to cancer, the earlier you catch it, the better the prognosis. Therefore, getting critical results faster will help save lives. The partnership with Ibex underlines Unilabs’ pioneering role in digital pathology and represents a further step in our ambition to become the most digital diagnostic service provider in Europe. “

Galen by Ibex is CE marked for detection of breast and prostate cancer. Unilabs will deploy the Ibex platform in 16 countries, starting with Sweden.

“Ibex is transforming cancer diagnostics with innovative AI solutions along the diagnostic pathway,” said Joseph Mossel, CEO and co-founder of Ibex Medical Analytics.

“We are excited to partner with Unilabs to deploy our AI solutions and give their pathologists faster turnaround times and quality diagnostics. This cooperation follows an in-depth evaluation of our technology at Unilabs and demonstrates the robustness and utility of our platform for daily clinical practice. . “

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