Travel agencies spend time amid Covid-19 chaos

Zoom, ring lights, stationary bikes and food delivery. To the list of products and services that have found new life because of the pandemic, you can add travel counselors.

Travel has become difficult due to the complexity, uncertainty, cancellations, delays, border restrictions and virus testing requirements. As a result, many travelers booking a beach getaway or other trips turn to professionals to help them with their plans. Travel counselors – don’t call them travel agents anymore – are cool again.

“With the pandemic, our credibility and our necessity have gone off the charts, and I think we are advocates now,” said Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg, co-chair of Valerie Wilson Travel, a travel and business agency. New York-based recreation. it is a unit of Frosch International Travel. “Travel is possible. It’s just difficult.

Do-it-yourself bookings and declining commissions paid by airlines set travel agencies back from the 1990s. Survivors mainly booked cruises and elaborate trips for clients interested in luxury accommodation , as well as by the big business of business travel managers.

The industry has proven to be resilient, and now it’s hot. Travelers are eager to go somewhere after many have been on the ground for a year or more. And they have a myriad of questions about what you need to do to travel internationally and how to protect yourself from disappointments, delays, and financial loss. More of them turn to travel counselors.

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