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Our breeding business is focused on the development and reproduction of beef heifers. As a vet one of my favorite jobs is early diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasound.

The most amazing thing to see is the heartbeat of an unborn calf and witness to the beauty of God’s creation. As I watch the monitor on a constant stream of female cattle crossing the falls, sometimes the cowboys and cowgirls take a short break to come together and witness this “beating heart” miracle.

While the visualization of a calf’s heartbeat is awesome, how much more incredible is the heartbeat of an unborn child.

Like many mothers and fathers I represent, I remember holding each of my children for the first time – and viewing the first sonogram. It is a feeling of joy and pride that cannot be described. An unborn child is the purest form of life there is, and being “pro-life” means standing up for this precious life in any way you can.

In the last session, the Legislature passed, and I co-authored, Senate Bill 8, also known as the “Texas Heartbeat Act”. This legislation protects unborn babies from abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected (usually six weeks after the onset of pregnancy) and provides for civil penalties of $ 10,000 for violating this law.

Representative Glenn Rogers

While SB 8 received the bulk of praise and criticism in the political arena, little was mentioned about the other “pro-life” victories that were written to protect not only unborn Texans, but their own. mothers, fathers and families.

I have found that many people confuse “pro-life” with just “pro-birth”. This line of thinking undermines the overall progress made by the state of Texas in improving life before and after birth.

During the 87th Ordinary Legislative Session, the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 133, which extended the benefits of Medicaid and the Healthy Texas Women program from two months to one year for mothers who have just given birth. As the bill progressed through the Senate, extended benefits were lowered to six months.

While it may seem like a step backwards, the six-month extension still makes Texas one of the few states offering postpartum coverage beyond the two-month window. This legislation will help reduce maternal mortality rates and provide women with safe health care options during and after pregnancy.

Sometimes motherhood can come sooner than you expect.

A recent federal study suggested that more than 3 million pregnancies per year in the United States are unplanned. For some women, motherhood is not an option. Pregnancy, especially an unplanned pregnancy, can be terrifying. Faced with this overwhelming situation, it can be difficult for some to understand why women should not seek an abortion.

Taking the life of an innocent child can never be the solution. Being pro-life is about finding ways to save the life of the unborn child, protect the health of the mother, and improve the quality of life of newborns.

While Texas prides itself on maintaining a conservative budget with minimal spending, this year’s budget has seen massive success in funding pro-life maternal care to help women in all situations during pregnancy. The Legislature has allocated $ 100 million per year for the Abortion Alternatives program. Since 2006, this program has been essential in helping women across the state access essential services, such as maternal health care, parenting classes, and financial assistance during pregnancy for up to three years after birth. the child.

According to the current estimate, the program helps more than 150,000 Texas women each year, regardless of the circumstances, by providing the tools necessary to raise their children.

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When I applied for public office, I said I was resolutely pro-life, which also means I am resolutely pro-quality. As a result of the Texas Heartbeat Act, the number of abortions performed at abortion centers in Texas has dropped dramatically.

I am proud to say that thanks to the work of the Legislature, mother and baby will not be abandoned but will be supported by the state once the babies are born. I am even more proud of the other pro-life measures that have been enacted and have been largely ignored by the mainstream media.

I will continue to fight for these issues every day that I am allowed to serve – I am proud to fight for my life.

State Representative Glenn Rogers is the representative for Texas House District 60.

This article originally appeared on Abilene Reporter-News: Pro-Life: A veterinarian / legislator perspective

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