Thai man takes injured cockroach to vet for treatment

A photo has surfaced on social media that shows a man taking an “injured cockroach” to a vet for treatment. The man had seen someone walking on the cockroach on the road and decided to take the cockroach to a vet. The incident was shared by Thai doctor Thanu Limpapattanawanich on Facebook.

Man takes injured cockroach to veterinarian

Thanu Limpapattanawanich shared photos of the man with the cockroach and appreciated the man for his kind gesture. The caption for his message was in Thai, which almost translates to: “An emergency last night someone stepped on a cockroach lying on the side of the road At that time a philanthropist is passed and saw him. So he rushed to take him to the animal hospital urgently. The symptoms are now 50/50. “In his message, the doctor said it was not of laughter but of appreciation, because the man showed compassion for a cockroach. He wished there were more people like the kindhearted person in this world. He added, “This is no joke. It indicates compassion and pity for every creature. Everyone’s life is loved … I wish there were more people like this. in the world … Mercy supports the world. ” Since being shared on Facebook, the post has garnered 1,500 likes and over 700 comments.

Meanwhile, a girl made her lonely neighbor’s birthday special. On her neighbor’s special day, Danya baked the cake and brought it to her. The incident was shared by Chicago-based food blogger Genie on her Instagram account, along with the photo of Danya and the cake she made. In legend, Genie told how his daughter had the idea to surprise their neighbor who lived alone. The thoughtful gesture of the young girl captured the hearts of internet users who appreciated her for the kind act in the comments section.

IMAGE: DrWongz / Twitter

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