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Stiern Veterinary Hospital has continuously served the Bakersfield animal community since 1938, with only a brief hiatus when doctors Walter and Robert Stiern temporarily closed the practice for the duration of World War II in October 1942. They insured their services. patients on October 5. 1942 Bakersfield Californian that “we will be ready to serve the community when this war is won!”

Walter Stiern knew he wanted to pursue medicine as a career – he just didn’t know what kind. According to an interview he gave in 1987, he realized during the time of the Great Depression that there were only two veterinary surgeries in Bakersfield, which also meant that they were the only two serving the County of Kern. Her father suggested, “Have you ever thought of veterinary medicine as a possibility? There aren’t many vets and you love animals so much.” For Stiern, it seemed like an ideal career choice, as he said, “I love animals.”

After graduating from Washington State College as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and passing the California State Board of Veterinary Medicine exam, he returned home to Bakersfield to begin practicing. It was difficult to find a vet job in town, so with the help of his father, they transformed a double garage with a pumping station into a small office. Stiern said in his interview that “I worked in probably the smallest California state office for the first few years of my practice before I started.”

After practicing for 20 years, Stiern felt he had done “all I can do in veterinary medicine” and decided to pursue a new career. In 1958 Dr Stiern ran for office and although his first love was veterinary medicine he said: “I have spent a lot of time with animals, and now I want to do something for them. people.” Although he no longer practices veterinary medicine, the practice has remained open and others have joined in to continue caring for the animals that Stiern grew up loving.

In the days leading up to Yelp, the best way to compliment a business or individual was through the Bakersfield Californian’s Readers’ Perspectives section of the editorial page. On April 22, 1973, The Californian published a letter from Mr. and Mrs. James S. Reynolds, Mike and their dog Scarecrow. He said, “My family and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to these Veterinary Doctors, especially Dr Robertson from Stiern Veterinary Hospitals, in the successful effort to save our dog’s life after encountering an accident. caused debilitating injuries. Our beautiful furry friend meets us again with a tail wag, a greeting bark, and maybe even a twist at the start of a morning and a working day at the end. The major surgery was performed by Dr. Robertson… to which the veterinary profession responded with foremost help and assistance in mind. Our experience, we are sure, is indicative of the excellent animal services provided in our community and once again we would like to congratulate those who have played an important role in treating our well-meaning and very fond of four-legged and the fine. -Feathered friends. ”It was definitely a 5 star.

While Senator Stiern left a legislative legacy for the people of California, Dr. Stiern’s legacy also includes the practice he began and continues to care for the animals of Bakersfield to this day.

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