SmartLabs Announces $ 250 Million Series B and Proprietary Lab Operating System Update

BOSTON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – SmartLabs, a Boston-based leader in Lab as a Service (LaaS), today announced it has raised a Series B funding of $ 250 million. The funding round was led by ArrowMark Partners. New investment partners include Winslow Capital Management and Onex Falcon, joined by existing investors ArrowMark Partners, Conversion Venture Capital (CVC2) and Breed’s Hill Capital. The funding will fuel the company’s accelerated growth, with a plan to expand operations to 2 million square feet within five years. In addition, SmartLabs announced the release of the fourth version of its proprietary lab operating system (SmartLabs OS), which was launched and first introduced in 2016.

“This recent influx of funding further validates the SmartLabs approach – a total reinvention of a contract research organization that brings together technology lab infrastructure and services without sacrificing intellectual property. Since 2020, we have successfully raised $ 330 million, allowing SmartLabs to expand operations at a time of increasing demand for lab space. By rapidly evolving our global outsourcing platform that integrates the scientific and infrastructure resources necessary for companies of different stages and sizes, we are changing the face of the drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development industries, ”said said Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of SmartLabs.

SmartLabs currently offers flexible and customizable lab and office spaces to accommodate research groups of less than 10 to over 200 people on the east and west coasts. SmartLabs provides comprehensive enterprise-wide environments that offer multi-functional research and development spaces, vivariums, process and pilot-scale development suites, and cGMP capability under one roof. This unique capability enables businesses of all stages and sizes to launch, evolve and change as programs and projects evolve and move forward rapidly.

SmartLabs’ integrated research centers have dozens of programs accelerating the development of cell therapy, gene therapy and personalized genomic medicine. SmartLabs resources help research progress from discovery to process development, animal testing, GxP execution and clinical trials. SmartLabs’ integrated and flexible resources ensure that businesses are better resourced and more agile as they tackle today’s toughest science challenges.

In September of this year, SmartLabs OS v.4.0, SmartLabs’ proprietary lab platform and operating system, was released, expanding and improving the company’s currently available operating system. SmartLabs OS enables member companies to efficiently manage and streamline operations within their lab and office spaces and is used across all SmartLabs locations.

“As the hunt for labs and real estate intensifies, SmartLabs is a proven alternative to the traditional resource model. We no longer need to accept single-function lab space, disparate research teams, high upfront investments, and long-term commitments as the norm. SmartLabs allows our scientists to focus on what matters, optimizing our research and achieving key milestones, ”said Dr. Chad Cowan, Scientific Founder of CRISPR Therapeutics and Co-Founder of Sana Biotechnology.

“SmartLabs integrates the latest technologies in infrastructure, parameters and controls, automation and workflow information and applies advancements in construction and operation technology that ultimately , improve the process of scientific discovery, ”said Nathan Dowden, COO of Entrada Therapeutics.

Teams of all sizes and levels choose SmartLabs for a cheaper and faster launch, saving them up to 45% in the first three years. SmartLabs maximizes the capital efficiency of enterprises by reducing costs, minimizing delays and enabling the elimination of static resources. To learn more, please email [email protected] or visit

About SmartLabs

SmartLabs designs, builds and operates enterprise-grade integrated research environments, including multi-functional research and development labs, vivariums, development processes, pilot-scale manufacturing, and cGMP suites for businesses of all sizes. SmartLabs currently operates four sites in Massachusetts – Kendall Square, East Cambridge, Boston Landing and the Seaport District, as well as one site in California – South San Francisco. SmartLabs provides in-house design, architecture and construction management, as well as the management of full-service laboratory operations and facilities and a suite of shared equipment. For more information, please email [email protected] or visit

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