See the interior of Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, named the spookiest place to visit in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a number of spooky places, but one stands out among the rest.

Thrillist named the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River the scariest place to visit in Massachusetts.

“After a stay there, I can attest to this: this house carefully furnished to look exactly like it was on the morning of the murders will scare you,” Camille Dodero wrote. “I didn’t sleep a blink of an eye.”

The house is known for the double murder scene, where Abby and Andrew Borden were hacked to death in 1892. Lizzie was the prime suspect in the deaths of her father and stepmother, but was acquitted by a jury.

The case is still not resolved.

Now a bed and breakfast, people come from all over the world to have their own supernatural experiences. People have reported feeling cold spots or hearing footsteps and voices and seeing apparitions of the Borden family.

If a simple visit isn’t enough, the nearby historic “Maplecroft” mansion, where Lizzie Borden lived after being acquitted of the murder of her father and mother-in-law, is on the market.

The house has 6 fireplaces, 7 bedrooms, stained glass windows – and possibly some paranormal activity.

“Honestly, this house has a lot of paranormal activity,” said Jerry Pacheco, operations manager of the Borden B&B and Museum. Boston Magazine. “Even more than here, I would say.

Other scary New England sites on Thrillist’s list include, Lake Bomoseen State Park in Vermont, Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire, Mount Hope Cemetery in Maine and Curtis House Inn in Connecticut.

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