Sampling to increase, soon new FSDA labs in 12 divisions

LUCKNOW: Sampling and testing of food and drug products in the state would soon be increased. Construction of Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) laboratories was underway in 12 divisions at a cost of 934 crore, a state government press release said.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the FSDA to increase the annual collection of drug samples for testing to 20,000. Five years ago, the department was collecting less than 8,000 samples a year, the press release said. published on Sunday.

The FSDA will increase the collection of drug and food samples to 20,000 and 60,000 respectively.

The FSDA raided and seized over 32 lakh worth of counterfeit drugs during the week-long campaign against the drug mafia which ended on September 1.

According to the data, the FSDA had seized counterfeit drugs worth 83 crores and revoked more than 7,000 drug licenses, while 770 defendants had also been arrested during the past five and a half years of the Yogi government, the press release said.

“Between March 8 and September 1, 174 raids were carried out and counterfeit medicines worth approximately 6 crores were seized while 66 defendants were arrested for trafficking in unlicensed and counterfeit drugs,” said Anita Singh, Additional Chief Secretary of the FSDA.

Under the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the FSDA would increase the collection of food samples to 60,000, in addition to operating a mobile food laboratory between two districts in the state. During his last term, the CM instructed the FSDA to increase the capacity of state laboratories, which led to the upgrading of laboratories in Meerut, Varanasi and Agra, the press release said.

At present, FSDA laboratories are operating in six divisions of the state namely Meerut, Agra, Jhansi, Lucknow, Varanasi and Gorakhpur while construction of new laboratories at cost of 934 crores are underway in 12 divisions. The labs should be completed within a year and a half.

The FSDA had recently dismantled an unlicensed homeopathic medicine factory in Aligarh on August 30, from which 25 lakh of animal medicines and dietary supplements had been seized. Simultaneously, six samples were taken for testing and three defendants were arrested.

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