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HYDERABAD: “It was a pleasure to work with you and to hear from you. But the facts that came to light (during the proceedings) were not so pleasant, ”were the final words of Judge VS Sirpurkar, chairman of the Judicial Commission, before the commission’s deliberations were concluded.

The president made the comments on Friday, although state attorneys presented “evidence” before the commission against the four people accused of the rape and murder of the veterinarian and saying everything was done according to the law.

During three months of proceedings from August 2021, the commission, while questioning several individuals including senior police officials, in connection with the crime followed by the death of the four accused during an alleged meeting , has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the way events have unfolded since the arrest of the accused.

Judge Sirpurkar, Judge Rekha P Sondur Baldota and Dr DR Kaarthikeyan, members of the commission, had noted several shortcomings, inconsistencies and completeness regarding the turns of statements. The panel will submit its report to the Supreme Court by February 2022.

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