Quicken Loans Attacks Metro Times During New Employee Orientation

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It has come to our attention that Quicken Loans executives Bill Emerson and Jay Farner have teased Metro timetable earlier this week on ISM Day – a sort of orientation that introduces new employees to the “ISMs”, or the pillars of the corporate culture of QL and its so-called family of companies.

According to an informant, Emerson and Farner used the header graphic to Metro timetable‘News blog, “News Hits”, as an example of one of its top ISMs: “Always raising our level of awareness.”

We went to YOUR archives, dusted an old ISM in action! manual given to us by a former QL employee, and I learned that “Always Raising Our Consciousness” is about keeping a close eye on the details. This section of the book contains examples of signage with funny typos, like a Subway restaurant sign with an unfortunately “lease” sign positioned on it so that it reads “SLEASEY” and other unintentional visual gags. As a former QL staff member explained to us, QL’s big boss Dan Gilbert rather likes daddy’s humor.

OK fine. Our old “News Hits” graphic didn’t have a space between the two words, which made it look like it was saying “New Shits” – what Emerson and Farner suggested was appropriate given the quality. journalism in that newspaper or something like that, according to our tipster. (I had the graphic changed a while ago, shortly after I became an editor, after too many trolls reported it on Twitter.)

Of course, the executives of Quicken Loans might have an ulterior motive here. Metro timetable has printed not-so-flattering stories about the company in the past, so maybe that was QL’s way of going after President Trump and calling us “fake news.” In fact, Trump called Gilbert, who donated $ 750,000 to the president’s record $ 107 million inauguration, a “great friend”; the inauguration committee is under federal investigation for possible money laundering and possible compensation.

Trump calls Dan Gilbert ‘great friend’ and supporter in bizarre photoshoot

President Donald Trump says Dan Gilbert is a

Trump calls Dan Gilbert ‘great friend’ and supporter in bizarre photoshoot

By Lee DeVito

New Hits

On the other hand, attack YOUR would go against another ISM of the company: “Ignore the noise”.

From the ISM manual: “Are you going to allow noise to stop you from winning?” … Noise can fluctuate in volume, but your determination to keep going (ignore it!) Will make all the difference to you and our family of companies. ”

Then again, this is something Gilbert has struggled to do in the past, often firing back at media and reporters on Twitter.

Either way, it’s not like Quicken Loans never made an embarrassing graphic design mistake. In 2017, the year of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 summer civil unrest in Detroit, Gilbert’s company Bedrock Detroit was criticized for a window graphic that read “See Detroit the way we do.” The photo showed only white people – in a town where the majority of residents are black.

Gilbert quickly apologized for the “muffled, bad taste” image, explaining that she was part of a larger campaign that was meant to be more inclusive, and Bedrock ended up abandoning the campaign altogether.

Dan Gilbert apologizes for ‘deafening’ Detroit publicity

Dan Gilbert apologizes for ‘deafening’ Detroit publicity

By Lee DeVito

New Hits

So taking Gilbert’s example here and borrowing from the language he was using at the time, I want to apologize for the “New Shits” blog: while not meant to create the kind of feelings that ‘he made, the slogan / statement we used on these graphics was deaf, in bad taste, and does not reflect a single value or philosophy that we stand for Metro timetable.

We are sorry.

However, if “New Shits” was added to the latest edition of the ISM manual, can someone provide one for our archives? Very appreciated.

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