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Welcome to the June edition of Prescription for Healthcare – a monthly podcast collaboration between WFHB Local News and Medicare for All Indiana.

In today’s segment, hosts Karen Green Stone and Dr Rob Stone chat with Dr Mark Bauman – a former doctor at Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital and professor at the IU School of Medicine who specializes in pathology.

Dr Bauman teaches an undergraduate course called “Health in America”. His course examines the historical development of the American health care system, compares it to delivery systems in other countries, and asks whether one can envision a health care system that meets society’s obligations to its neighbors.

He explained why he had decided to teach this course. Dr Bauman explains that it all started with a meeting he attended in 2010 in Sweden. A Belgian doctor asked: in the United States, if a person has cancer but cannot afford to be treated, do they let them die?

“It made me realize,” he said, “I really didn’t understand how our healthcare system really works, and it was the prompt that prompted me to read and study this whole issue. And I wanted to share these things with other people.

Mark E. Bauman, MD, is associate professor of clinical pathology and laboratory medicine (photo from Habitat of Monroe County).

Dr. Bauman discusses more of the course he teaches and shares his perspective and perspective on the healthcare system in the United States. Stay tuned for the second Thursday in July – where hosts Karen Green-Stone and Dr Rob Stone continue Part 2 of their conversation with Dr Bauman.

Prescription for Healthcare is available online and anywhere you get podcasts. To your good health, everyone.


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