Port Royal veterinary hospital hard hit after tornado

PORT ROYAL, SC (WTOC) – We have news from a business owner who was affected by Tropical Storm Elsa this week.

At least one tornado passed through Port Royal overnight Wednesday. Now the Port Royal veterinary hospital is repairing the damage.

From the outside you can see that the town veterinary hospital has taken a few branches, but the damage inside really tells the story of the storm’s impact.

“If I think about it too closely, it’s very devastating.”

Water everywhere and a tree even crosses the ceiling. There’s a lot of cleaning to be done, but Dr Marikay Campbell says the emotions don’t just come from this storm.

“We’ve been through COVID without having to shut down, and now to get back to normal to get that kind of punch out of nowhere. I’m just trying to focus on staying positive that we’ll find a way to get over this, ”Dr Campbell said.

On that optimistic note, there is good news.

“All the animals were safe! It was the most important thing, it was the greatest worry.

Dr Campbell says their goal is to get back to what they do best with a full staff where possible. If you want to help she says they will update their social media and website with means to do it.

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