Pet insurance proves to be invaluable for many customers

The family dog ​​or cat in today’s world has many more opportunities to live a better life and enjoy health care options that were not previously available or in many cases , considered unimaginable to them. The human-animal bond has enabled advances in medical research, specialized care and innovation that have enabled pets to live longer, healthier and pain-free lives.

Our goal as an American Animal Hospital Association accredited veterinary hospital is to provide the best possible veterinary care for every animal we are privileged to serve. We also strive to provide pets and pet parents with the best possible experience by practicing fearless methods that take into account both the emotional and medical well-being of each animal. These are some of the reasons why clients with pet insurance are drawn to our animal hospital. When an insured animal shows up for a sick visit, the conversation goes from “How much will it cost?” To “How quickly can you figure out what’s going on?” “

Nowadays, pet parents have become accustomed to instant gratification “at Amazon speed” and immediate test results for their pets. An example of how technology has changed in our practice is digital cytology. If you had asked me years ago if a lump or lump could be evaluated by a pathologist in minutes and then removed by a surgeon in my office the same day, I would have called you crazy.

Customers with pet insurance appreciate that we get them as much information as possible in the shortest time possible. They’ve developed a bond with their pet that negates any potential issues with the cost of their pet’s care. They know that when they come into our office and we take x-rays, they will have an x-ray report within minutes so we can discuss the results and the best treatment options. These pet parents not only want but require “janitorial veterinary care.” They want to know immediately that their animal’s vital organs are functioning as they should. They are willing to bear the costs because they see the value of the information they receive and the beneficial outcome for their fur baby.

Another extremely important aspect of pet insurance is that it helps ensure that no time is wasted on sick visits. Health insurance companies have made improvements to a pre-approval process for sick visits to expedite care of pets. The ability to pre-approve an insurance coverage condition results in a more efficient workflow and time saving, making it easier for the hospital team to manage cases. When parents of insured pets come to our practice, we save the time that is typically spent reviewing treatment plans because the parents give us the go ahead to do whatever is necessary for their pet. beloved company.

In our profession, we hear people say that their pets’ medical bills are as high as, if not more than the cost of their own medical bills. People believe this is because they typically charge their medical bills through their health insurance. Imagine deciding that if your children or family members suffered from an injury, illness or accident, you would simply pay for their medical care out of pocket. Some people might think that you are being unreasonable or irresponsible, unless you have significant disposable income.

Most pet parents pay their pets’ medical expenses out of pocket. It’s easier to do if you have enough income to put money aside for your pet’s health care, but most Americans struggle to save money. More importantly, there is no way to predict what will happen in the future, so you cannot predict when or how your pets will get sick or how much it will cost.

The life of our pets involves uncertainties. No matter how careful or responsible we are, our puppies find and devour socks, our kittens climb and stumble shelves, and we have a responsibility to provide them with the best treatment available. We love our pets, and pet insurance has become a necessary tool that allows us to take care of them without undue financial strain and without additional stress for pet parents.

At the very least, the average cost of an unexpected vet visit can range from $ 800 to $ 1,500 or more. In many cases, an emergency pet visit results in long-term care changes. When this happens, not only do you have to cover the cost of your emergency vet visit, but you should also factor the long term costs into your budget. When a pet is seriously injured or develops a chronic illness, it will need regular treatment and medication to maintain its quality of life.

Considering that most Americans don’t have $ 1,000 to spend on an emergency, it’s unsettling to think about what could happen to a family if they were suddenly overwhelmed with spending.

So the question you need to ask your customers is “Can you afford to have a pet without insurance?” If you provide these customers with the excellent care that all pets deserve, the answer should be no.

Boaz Man, DVM, is the owner and medical director of Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital, an American Animal Hospital Association accredited facility in Boca Raton, Florida, and a certified Fear Free professional.

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