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License picture” alt=”The Jax Brewery rooftop in the French Quarter sits on the street August 30 after Hurricane Ida hit the city of New Orleans on August 29, 2021. File Photo by AJ Sisco/UPI | License picture“/>

The rooftop of the Jax Brewery in the French Quarter sits on the street August 30 after Hurricane Ida hit the city of New Orleans on August 29, 2021. File Photo by AJ Sisco/UPI | License picture

Today is Monday, August 29, the 241st day of 2022 with 124 to go.

The moon is growing. The morning stars are Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Venus. The evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus.

People born on this date are under the sign of Virgo. They include British King Henry V in 1387; the English philosopher John Locke in 1632; author/poet Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. in 1809; Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in 1813; automobile inventor Charles Kettering in 1876; actress Ingrid Bergman in 1915; actor Isabel Sanford in 1917; jazz saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker in 1920; NASCAR racer Wendell Scott in 1921; British filmmaker Richard Attenborough in 1923; jazz/pop singer Dinah Washington in 1924; filmmaker William Friedkin in 1935 (87); US Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, in 1936; actor Elliott Gould in 1938 (age 84); television personality Robin Leach in 1941; the scientist Temple Grandin in 1947 (75); artist Michael Jackson in 1958; Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield in 1959 (age 63); actor Rebecca De Mornay in 1959 (age 63); actor Carla Gugino in 1971 (age 51); actor Dante Basco in 1975 (age 47); actor Emily Hampshire in 1981 (age 41); actor/comedian Nicole Byer in 1986 (age 36); actor Lea Michele in 1986 (age 36); pop singer Liam Payne in 1993 (age 29).

On this historical date:

In 1533, Atahualpa, the last of the Inca rulers, was strangled under the orders of the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. The Inca Empire died with him.

In 1929, the German airship, the Graf Zeppelin, completed its round-the-world flight, beginning and ending at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey.

In 1949, the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb at a remote test site at Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan.

In 1958, the US Air Force Academy opened at its permanent site in Colorado Springs, Colorado, three years after it started at a temporary site in Denver.

In 1965, American astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad landed safely to end Gemini 5’s eight-day orbital flight.

In 1973, U.S. District Judge John Sirica ordered U.S. President Richard Nixon to turn over the secret Watergate tapes. Nixon refused and appealed the order.

In 1982, three-time Oscar-winning actress Ingrid Bergman died on her birthday from cancer. She was 67 years old.

In 1994, Israel and the PLO signed an agreement to transfer administrative functions from the West Bank to the Palestinian National Authority.

In 2004, the Summer Olympics ended in Athens, Greece. The United States won the most medals, 103, including 35 gold, led by swimmer Michael Phelps who won six gold and two bronze.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, inflicting severe damage in New Orleans and along the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Katrina killed over 1,800 people and caused damage estimated at $125 billion.

In 2009, US Senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who died Aug. 25 after a 15-month battle with brain cancer, was buried at Arlington National Cemetery near his brothers John and Robert.

In 2013, the National Football League denied any wrongdoing but said it would ‘do the right thing’ and pay $765 million to settle lawsuits filed by thousands of former players who developed brain damage. related to concussion.

In 2021, Hurricane Ida made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana with winds of 150 mph, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the state without power. The storm made its way through much of the eastern United States, killing more than 100 people and causing some $75 billion in damage.

Thought for the day: “I won’t be happy until we have every American boy between the ages of 6 and 16 wearing a glove and swinging a bat.” – The great American baseball player Babe Ruth

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