Ohio State Veterinary Clinic provides hands-on experience for students

The Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic, the newest addition to the College of Veterinary Medicine, opened on June 1. Credit: Jessica Langer | Campus LTV producer

Fourth-year veterinary medicine graduate students now have the opportunity to apply a more hands-on approach to animal care.

The Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic, a June 1 addition to the College of Veterinary Medicine, offers students the experience of working with animals in examination rooms, operating theaters and laboratories, in addition to being a resource for the Columbus community, according to the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center website. The clinic allows students to learn care approaches, a range of clinical procedures and post-visit care protocols while exercising their business and management skills.

Second and third year graduate students observe aspects of animal care to better prepare for becoming physicians, said Rustin Moore, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. The goal is for fourth-year students to take what they have observed in previous years and apply it in their clinic, ready to provide care while acting as a doctor.

“They will develop their confidence and skills, or improve their confidence and skills during this fourth year, especially in this clinic, so that upon graduation they will feel more ready for a career,” Moore said. .

According to a video On the college’s YouTube channel, the center offers examination and treatment rooms, dental and surgical suites, pre- and post-surgical care areas, imaging, drug dispensaries and laboratories. The property also offers a separate waiting room for cats and dogs and a private entrance for animals with behavioral needs.

Clinic prioritizes providing diagnostics and treatments at affordable prices for clients, according to Building Design for Animals website.

Moore said that because the clinic is student-run and can provide care comparable to surrounding facilities, it can be much more affordable, depending on treatment.

“The reason it’s called spectrum of care is because we can provide care to a wide range of socio-economic clients,” Moore said.

Mikayla Bisson, a third year in public management, leadership and politics and dog owner, said she was delighted to have an easily accessible veterinary clinic nearby.

“They can give you the best bang for your buck by giving your pet the care you need, but without completely draining your savings,” Bisson said.

Bisson said that although she has a car, she knows not all pet owners on campus have one, so the clinic’s location is convenient.

“If you’re trying to take care of your pet, it can seem like a lot of trouble, especially when you want to do what’s best for your pet,” Bisson said. “I couldn’t imagine not having access to take [my dog] see the vet if something happens quickly.

The Frank Stanton Veterinary Clinic is open Monday through Saturday at 8 a.m. with appointments and mandatory masks, depending on the website.

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