Northeast Nebraska Veterinary Clinic is doing its part to limit the stray cat population

MADISON, Neb. (KTIV) – The Madison County Veterinary Clinic in Madison Nebraska is doing its part to limit the population of stray cats.

The Barn Cat program is designed for outdoor and feral cats to be neutered.

Every Thursday, they see about thirty cats that they repair at a reduced price. Initially, the program started small, but as word spread about the program, they grew tremendously.

They saw people coming from all over the state, the furthest traveler was from Broken Bow, Nebraska. The most rewarding part of the program is being able to lend a hand to community members.

“You know, when you have an overpopulation of stray cats, you have cats that roam free and have kittens. Like Amazon here, it was a stray kitten that ended up at the shelter and she was unfortunately knocked down by a car as well as his litter mate, and his litter mate did not survive. And so, by neutering and neutering these outdoor, feral cats, we can prevent such things from happening to kittens like Amazon” , said Dr. Kathleen Ritzmann, veterinarian and owner of Madison Vet Clinic.

The program also gives them a rabies shot and an earmold indicating that they have been cured.

To learn more about the program, follow this link.

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