North Carolina board adopts strict rules for teaching running

RALEIGH, NC (AP) – A North Carolina school board adopted a policy preventing critical race theory in its classrooms after county commissioners threatened withholding nearly $ 8 million in funding.

The Johnston County School Board unanimously approved an updated policy on how history and racism will be taught on Friday, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported. Under the new policy, teachers could be disciplined or fired for teaching that historical American figures were not heroes, undermining the U.S. Constitution in class, or portraying racism as a permanent part of American life.

The all-Republican Johnston County board of commissioners was withholding $ 7.9 million until the school board passed a policy banning critical race theory in local classrooms.

A revised code of ethics policy includes new wording such as “the founding documents of the United States must not be undermined” and “all those who have contributed to American society will be recognized and portrayed as reformists, innovators. and heroes of our culture ”.

April Lee, president of the Johnston County Association of Educators and grade eight social science teacher, said the school system “was selling our souls to the devil for $ 7.9 million.” She also said the new policy is “basically extortion”.

Last month, Democratic North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bill that would have limited the way public school teachers can discuss certain racial concepts.

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