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Light poured through the windows of 208 Scranton Connector in Brunswick. Sitting in the sun, Dr. Cherie Hodges stroked the head of her tricolor Australian Shepherd.

“It’s Tallulah,” cooed Hodges, patting the dog on the head.

It was easy to tell that Tallulah appreciated the attention. And Dr. Hodges has plenty of experience making dogs feel comfortable and loved. The Georgia native started her path to becoming a veterinarian when she was just a child.

“I wanted to be a veterinarian…since I was six years old. It was always me who brought in the strays…dogs, cats, rabbits. My mom really didn’t like it,” she laughed.

While many children hope to work with animals as adults, Hodges actually made that dream come true. She attended veterinary school at the University of Georgia and began her veterinary practice in 1990. She has worked in a number of concentrations in the Atlanta area – from small animals to poultry to dogs and more traditional cats.

But three years ago, Hodges decided it was time for a change of scenery. And it didn’t take much thought to decide where to go.

“We have always come here on vacation and have always loved this area,” she said. “So we decided to go down. My children go to college. In fact, my son will be graduating in May.

Of course, in addition to her human children, she also brought along a number of fur babies.

“I have five pets…three dogs and two cats,” Hodges said.

As her family settled in, she began to take stock of all the animal services available. One thing she noticed immediately was the lack of veterinary care available on weekends. As a dedicated pet owner and veterinarian, this was something Hodges found troubling.

It was then that she decided to intervene to fill this vital need. Hodges opened Coastal Home Veterinary Services in early November. The office, which is located at 208 Scranton Connector Suite 122, offers a variety of services in addition to its Saturday and Sunday hours of operation.

“We are not an emergency clinic. We are simply a weekend small animal hospital. Our hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Monday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday,” Hodges said. “We offer comprehensive dental care, wellness exams, sterilizations and lab work.”

We also offer home visits, including palliative care and nearly painless euthanasia. Our team is equipped to provide our clients with compassionate care when faced with the heartbreaking decision to euthanize their beloved pets, allowing them to say goodbye from the comfort of their own home. We also work closely with a cremation service which allows us to offer this service to our customers.

“We want to be there to provide everything our customers and their pets need.”

We also work with Glynn County Animal Control when needed, providing spaying and neutering or examination and treatment. And we hope to work with no kill Glynn very soon. Provide similar services.

Hodges has a knowledgeable and responsive team of animal-loving friends who are there to lend their support. One of them is Red Chafin-Strickland. Like Hodges, the vet tech has decades of experience and a passion for helping pets. She also has the whole menagerie in her house.

“I moved here because we used to vacation here too. But we have five cats, three dogs, four horses, ducks, goats, 50 chickens… and a snake,” Chafin-Strickland said with a laugh.

But whatever a pet owner’s needs are, the staff at Coastal Home Veterinary Services are there to support them.

“We can really do any little animal and of course dogs and cats,” Hodges said. “We look forward to helping out however we can.”

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