Meeting of the Minds: Visiting International Neurotrauma Award Empowers Women ECR

The CCS Department of Neuroscience welcomes international visitor Tabitha Green for translational research in neurotrauma.

Ms. Tabitha Green of the University of Colorado at Boulder received the competitive WiNTR-VISA (Women in Neurotrauma Research – Visiting International Scholar Award), announced last week at the US National Neurotrauma Society’s annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Tabitha (left) is pictured with Assistant Professor Rachel Rowe, receiving the award.

Mrs. Green will take this opportunity to visit Teacher. Bridgette Semple‘s Pediatric Neurotrauma research group in the Department of Neuroscience, Central Clinical School at Monash University. The two-week visiting period will be late November-early December 2022.

Sleep and Inflammation Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder, where her doctoral work focused on understanding how traumatic brain injury leads to sleep disruptions and the role of brain microglia in this process.

This award aims to promote international gender equality in neurotrauma research by enabling international networking opportunities and to advance the early careers of female researchers working in the field of neurotrauma. The award will support Ms Green’s trip to Melbourne for a two-week period of research training and collaboration in Professor A/Semple’s laboratory.

During this time, Ms. Green will share her expertise in advanced methodologies to quantify changes in microglial cell morphology after injury; and take advantage of his visit to acquire new skills in neurobehavioral assessment in rodents and in video-EEG analysis.

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