Meet a Detroit vet who changed her business model to help more pets

DETROIT – Pet adoptions have skyrocketed during the pandemic and now many metro Detroit-area veterinary practices are having to put new clients on a waiting list.

A Detroit vet found a way to make it easier: She ditched the brick-and-mortar model and took her business on the road.

“It’s a dream, a dream I’ve had for probably 10 years,” said veterinarian Dr Marcy McKeithen.

Long before the COVID pandemic hit, McKeithen came up with the idea of ​​going door to door to the vet.

“I know there are a lot of other pets that are super anxious to go to the vet. They don’t like the car ride. They don’t like the smells,” she says.

Shannon Reed said vet visits for her dog Marley have been more difficult as most vets do curbside duty to keep employees safe.

Just over a year ago, McKeithen launched his door-to-door veterinary care business. He quickly caught the attention of many pet owners in need of care, especially those who adopted pets during the pandemic.

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Reed said having the vet come to your pet is a great way to get the most out of a visit.

“She’s comfortable at home, so she can, you know, feel like it’s her space and I can be here,” she said.

Early in the COVID pandemic, McKeithen wasn’t sure her business model would work, but she said she now sees the need for it and only expects that need to grow.

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