Medpacto will study a cancer diagnostic kit with 2 hospitals

Medpacto announced on Thursday that it will conduct a joint study on a cancer diagnostic device capable of detecting cancer in a blood test with Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital and Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital.

Medpacto’s Mo-B2, an experimental cancer detection kit, diagnoses cancer by measuring the expression level of the BAG2 protein in the blood.

Medpacto will jointly conduct a cancer diagnostic device study with Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital and Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital.

By detecting cancer with BAG2 expression secreted by cancer cells in the blood, the new kit could confirm cancer prognosis faster than conventional biopsies or medical imaging tests, Medpacto said.

Professor Jeong Joon of Surgical Oncology at Gangnam Severance Hospital and Professor Bang Hae-in of Laboratory Medicine at Seoul’s Soonchunhyang University Hospital will lead the study.

The study will compare blood samples from breast cancer patients at Gangnam Severance Hospital with healthy samples from Seoul University Hospital in Soonchunhyang.

After confirming the potential of Mo-B2 through the core study, Medpacto plans to conduct a clinical trial.

Medpacto is also working on MA-B2 antibody treatment targeting BAG2. The company has completed preclinical testing of MA-B2 and is preparing for a clinical study.

“The upcoming study aims to verify the potential of the diagnostic kit as a cancer diagnostic biomarker by comparing plasma and serum BAG2 levels in the blood of healthy people and cancer patients.” , said a Medpacto official. “As we are also developing an antibody treatment targeting BAG2 and the experimental cancer diagnostic kit, we plan to diagnose and treat patients with cancer,” he said.

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