Mass vaccination of cattle needed to control lumpy skin disease in India: Indian-American vet

An Indian-American veterinarian claimed mass vaccination of livestock and the immediate restriction of their inter-district movement to prevent the spread of lumpy skin disease in India.

More than 3,000 cattle in Rajasthan and Gujarat and more than 400 in Punjab died from the disease.

Members of the Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA) have galvanized in recent days to support farmers in their home state in their efforts to save livestock from the disease.

Mass vaccination of cattle and an immediate halt to their inter-district movement are the two main steps needed to prevent further spread of the deadly disease, Ravi Murarka, president of the American Association of Veterinary Medicine told PTI on Saturday. Indian origin. .

Murarka, originally from Rajasthan, is also the chairman of RANA’s Animal Welfare Community.

Describing the outbreak of the disease during the monsoon season as a “perfect storm”, Murarka said talks had started with experts on how to tackle the disease and quickly send relevant vaccines to India. .

“The the situation is very serious in Rajasthan right now,” Murarka said, adding that the massive death of cows would have a devastating impact on farmers and the economy.

“It is important to control mosquitoes or keep the vector away from susceptible animals. Animals at risk should stay indoors at night to be safe from mosquitoes. Avoid transporting animals at night. It is advisable to brush animals at risk with lime, quicklime or slaked lime which forms a layer on the skin and reduces the ability of mosquitoes to reach the skin,” he said.

“I think if we follow these measures, maybe it will help control the disease,” Murarka said.

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