Madurai vet rents his bike for baby squirrels to nest

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MADURAI: Meril Raj, a resident of Koodal Nagar in Anaiyur, has too often seen a squirrel hanging around on her bicycle. When he opened the hood of his bike saddle he expected to find the cables on his bike askew, but what he actually found was something else entirely.

“A squirrel often came to my bike even though there were trees nearby. At first I was afraid that the squirrel had bit the cables of the bike. But when I opened the hood of my bicycle saddle, I found a nest prepared for the unborn squirrels. I didn’t want to disturb them so I left the bike there and started using the other vehicle, ”he said. Raj, who is an assistant vet, has been letting the squirrels live in his vehicle for a month now.

A few weeks later, Meril found three baby squirrels in his nest on his bicycle. In a video shared with TNIE, the mother squirrel is seen picking up one of the baby squirrels he left on the ground.

“That same night the baby squirrel was brought back to the nest on my bicycle. Squirrels are generally sentient beings. I understood that they felt safe inside the nest than anywhere else. So we decided to let them ride the bike until the three squirrels came out of the nest.

How did the squirrel end up inside the vehicle? Entering the bike from the side and with a little help from the high seat. “It would cost me Rs 5,000 to repair the broken wires on the bike. But it’s all worth it, ”said Meril with delight.

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