Lucem Health™ Announces Innovation Collaboration to Bring AI/ML to the Frontlines of Healthcare

RALEIGH, North Carolina, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lucem Health™ today launched the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative, a partnership program designed to bring clinical AI/ML innovation to the front lines of healthcare. The collaboration will help digital health innovators create, deploy and commercialize transformational solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

Clinic-focused AI is advancing rapidly, but bridging the gap between the potential benefits of models and their real impact is daunting. AI models are driven by data, and health data is often siled and difficult to access. AI models should be integrated into existing clinical applications and workflows; Yet vendors often view models as opaque black boxes that are hard to explain, which can lead to limited adoption and access.

Alain Aberdeenfounder of Ground Truth Labs, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Lucem Health to release our AI models from the Digital Pathology Lab at Oxford University and on the front lines of health care.”

Lucem Health created the Innovation Collaborative to forge collaboration between AI developers and digital health innovators. They will develop new solutions to help clinicians make better decisions, diagnose earlier, improve efficiency and better serve patients. The collaboration is powered by Lucem Health’s comprehensive and agnostic platform to innovate, deploy, adopt and continuously improve clinical AI.

Jack coatsCEO of CardioWise, Inc., said, “We are very pleased to partner with Lucem Health to bring SQuEEZ, our cardiac AI solution, to Lucem Health’s Multimodal Model Deployment Platform.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered,” said Sean Cassidy, CEO, Lucem Health. “The challenge of realizing the potential of AI is not about doing data science and developing algorithms; it’s about understanding that clinical AI, to be relevant, must be integrated into the ecosystem. of healthcare data and applications Our Innovation Collaborative partners have a “solution first” mindset that considers all the requirements that must be in place for AI to be useful, reliable and adopted.”

“Lucem Health is ushering in a new wave of AI in medicine, and this collaboration is an important step in bringing AI/ML innovation to the front lines of healthcare,” said AvoMD CEO, Yair SapersteinMDMPH.

The founding members of the Innovation Collaborative include AI/ML developers:

  • AIQSolutions
  • AlgoDx
  • Cardiologists
  • CardioWise
  • celsium
  • First biomedical ascent
  • Ground truth labs
  • MedKal Health
  • Mpirik
  • Rinicare

And digital health innovators:

  • AvoMD
  • Brunswick MedTech
  • eCordum
  • NxgenPortName
  • Stel Life
  • Turtle Health

About Lucem Health:

Lucem Health™, launched with Mayo Clinic in conjunction with investor partners Commure (a General Catalyst company) and Rally Ventures, enables healthcare visionaries to quickly bring AI-powered insights to the point of care. Digital health innovators develop transformative clinical solutions and take them from the bench-to-bedside to the front lines of healthcare on a single integration platform. Visionary clinical leaders deploy new data and information seamlessly into clinical workflows while ensuring clinicians trust, embrace and see value in them. For more information, visit

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