Local veterinary clinics say they will not apply proof of vaccination warrant

But Prince George Veterinary Hospital and Murdoch Veterinary Clinic say they won’t need vaccines to access services.

“We have no plans to change any of our protocols since the onset of COVID,” said Kate Peebles, office manager at the Murdoch Veterinary Clinic.

“At this point, we’re just following government mandates, so we’re not currently on that list. So we’re going to continue with what they recommended, which means we’ll continue to see clients through it, ”said Casey Bockus, Director of Services, Prince George Veterinary Hospital.

Throughout the pandemic, veterinary clinics have provided assistance through curbside services and have asked customers to wear masks indoors.

“So our doctor will come out, the client will check in through our intercom up front, and the doctor or technician will pick up the patient, do the services inside, then bring the patient back to the car outside. “said Peebles.

It is a protocol that has been widely successful, especially for the staff and patients of the Murdoch Veterinary Clinic. Peebles says some of the staff are immunocompromised.

“Our customers seem to really appreciate it. We don’t seem to be getting a ton of reluctance, everyone seems to get it even when the masks fell off here just a few months ago we continue to have masks at the clinic and ask clients to wear masks just because than our immunocompromised staff that we have in our clinic, ”Peebles said.

At the Prince George Veterinary Hospital, patients were allowed to be indoors with their pets.

“Things have been a bit milder over the past few months. We definitely allow our customers to enter the building with their pets in the room as long as they are willing to wear a mask, otherwise we ask them to stay outside, we will do curbside care, ”said Bockus.

Both clinics say that even as the term approaches, they will continue to provide the services and care necessary to ensure the safety and health of all pets.

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