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Support freight railways

Many eyes are on Washington, DC this summer as Congress and the Biden administration work on much-needed infrastructure investments. Lawmakers representing the North Texas region hold key positions influencing what gets passed with Senator Ted Cruz on the Senate Commerce Committee and U.S. Representatives Eddie Bernice Johnson, Colin Allred and Beth Van Duyne all on the Transportation Committee from the room.

As they debate funding levels and sources, they would do well to heed the lesson of America’s primary mode of transportation, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. U.S. private freight railways scored highest in the recent ASCE Infrastructure Report Card because they pay for their own maintenance and upgrades. In fact, freight railways spend about $ 70 million a day on their infrastructure. This has made it the safest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly way to transport goods by land.

If all modes paid their full costs, like freight railways, it would go a long way towards better infrastructure in the long run. A sensible solution would be to put an end to the underpayment of commercial heavy goods vehicles by implementing mileage-based charges.

Brett Sebastian, Fort Worth

The full story is not here

One of the reasons I read The morning news from Dallas is I want to be informed. When a major news event occurs, I don’t turn to one news source for information – I review several. While performing this exercise, however, I noticed a telling trend. Most legitimate news sources will give you the facts in the headline. Some also do a follow-up story giving you what they believe to be the fact analysis covering both sides of the story / issue.

For example, when the media reported that the Justice Department had recovered most of the ransom paid to the Colonial Pipeline pirates, that was the main story. On Fox News online, the story was buried several pages below, and in less detail.

At the end of the day, people who think they get information from Fox News don’t get it. What they receive is in fact disinformation and often outright propaganda. The “Big Lie” bears witness to this phenomenon. A recent poll shows that the vast majority of Fox News subscribers still believe the election was somehow stolen, all evidence to the contrary. These people never want to consider that maybe, just maybe, they were wrong from the start and that it is difficult for them to understand that they were duped.

Citizens, it’s time to hold Fox News accountable for this and similar derision. It is time for people to start hearing what they need to hear instead of just what they want to hear, because democracy is not easy. Start revisiting the other side of any story – not just the side you love.

Bill Hudman, Plano

In defense of politicians

At the risk of being stoned, I will defend the policies. When I see “Work for the people, not for the party”, I wonder how this merry-go-round is going to end one day. They work for the people. The people who elected them to power. Senator Ted Cruz represents the majority that elected him. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, does the same. Republicans who voted to certify the election are being bullied by the majority that put them in power. Voters do not seem to care about what is “best for the country”. Their version of the best votes with them, not with the other guys.

Then we have the “All they care about is staying in power”. Well, well! It is their favorite job. They took the risk, usually in the prime of their working age, of putting their careers on hold and entering the public service. For this, they are hated by up to 49% of the population. Their lives are passed under a microscope on a daily basis. In two, four or six years, they will have to curl up and beg for money to stay in power.

So what’s the answer? We should be educated about the events that are unfolding. As long as our knowledge is based on our favorite website, social site, or news of our choice, whatever we do, stay on the same ride.

Joseph Montelbano, Garland

Hello, statewide referendums?

Am I the only one who thinks that the state of Texas is really the state of Governor Greg Abbott or the state of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick? Austin’s legislative atmosphere took on a will for its own justice. There are several controversial bills passed by the Texas Legislature that do not appear to be supported by many citizens of the state of Texas.

I fear that choices will be made for me without my consideration and without due process for the opinions of the citizens of Texas. Why are these choices being made without letting the citizens of Texas help them make their choices through statewide referendums? I really hope “that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, will not perish from the earth.”

Bob Krangle, Plano

Not a fan of automatic checkouts

My local Walmart in Roanoke has switched to a majority of self-checkout instead of offering alternative methods. Several times I went to use a cashier to find one throughout the store. When complaints fall on deaf ears (“We can help you with the ATM line”), I find myself going to other grocery stores instead because I don’t want to use their automatic checkout system.

I have spoken to employees of other chains and they say they have an increase in the number of customers and probably for this reason. Walmart, do better.

Carole Merle, Roanoke

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