LETTER: Thank you to the veterinary clinic team

Dear Editor:

Our senior dog Porter recently passed away at the age of 14 years and three months. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Julie Woodward and the entire team at the Summerland Animal Clinic for their care of Porter during the last two years of his life, in illness and in death. .

In February, Porter suddenly fell very ill. The Summerland Animal Clinic was able to rush him right away for an appointment, where Dr. Julie performed a number of tests. It didn’t look good for Porter, but Dr. Julie recommended a new drug that would hopefully help him or at least reduce his pain for the rest of his life. She rechecked several times over the next two weeks until it was clear he was going to be fine.

As the weeks passed, however, our Porter continued to age and deteriorate. In July, Porter had a bad eye infection and scratched his eye, again requiring an emergency visit to see Dr. Julie at the Summerland Animal Clinic. This required several re-checks over a few weeks as it was not healing well. Although full, the team did all they could to rush us for further checks, and Dr. Julie even arrived early to see Porter before her other patients.

Finally, it was clear that his pain and illnesses were getting too much for him, and the end was near. Dr. Julie spoke to us with such kindness and compassion as we prepared for Porter’s final days.

Porter was a member of our family, and while nothing could prepare us for the loss of a family member, Dr. Julie and her team went out of their way to help us. They treated us and Porter so kindly in his last days. It was an incredibly difficult and stressful time for our family, but the care and treatment we all received from Dr. Julie and the entire team at Summerland Animal Clinic made a very painful time more bearable. We are very grateful to have had these few extra months with Porter. We are so grateful and lucky to have such professional, kind and caring people in our small community of Summerland. Thank you Dr. Julie and the whole team at Summerland Animal Clinic.

Kim Lawton, John Arendt and Merlot (Porter’s sister)

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