Lancing College students celebrate A-level results day

Lancing College runs an outstanding biomedical and veterinary preparation program

The college said this was achieved in the face of the pandemic disrupting studies nationwide, which is a testament to the hard work and resilience of Lancing’s exceptional students and credit for the dedicated support of all staff. , which has kept teaching and learning on track and seamless through the pandemic, national lockdowns and all the resulting pressures.

The average Lancing student achieved a UCAS point score equivalent to AAB at A level this year, with truly outstanding performance.

An extremely impressive 75% achieved at least an A* or A grade in their sixth form subjects.

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Lancing high school Sir Robert Woodard Academy celebrates its best A level result…

Well over a fifth managed to get a clean sweep of A* and A grades, with 20% of them achieving an amazing clean sweep of A* grades.

Maths remains Lancing’s most popular subject, with well over half of 71 upper sixth graders earning A or A* grades this year and half of all other maths grades were also at A or A*.

English and History have also proven to be extremely popular and successful, with an impressive number of A*s and many students continuing their studies in these subjects at top universities.

The success of the Extended Project qualification continues unabated, with every candidate this year achieving an A or A* in the subject.

Three medical offers and one application in veterinary medicine secured the places, continuing Lancing’s fine career, stemming from its remarkable biomedical and veterinary preparation program.

Principal Dominic Oliver said: “Given the significant disruption to everyone’s learning due to the pandemic, getting Lancing students safely and successfully into the next stage of their education has been paramount. It was a tough road for them, but they overcame the odds in style. We are delighted with the incredible success they have achieved: a big congratulations to all of them.

“Lancing prides itself on working one-on-one with each student, getting them into the best universities for their chosen subjects. The top college destinations for Lancing students this year are the top 100 institutions in the world: Imperial College, UCL, Edinburgh, King’s College, London, LSE. , Bristol, Birmingham, Durham and Sheffield… Students continue to receive particularly good support in their applications to medicine and veterinary medicine, despite the increasingly competitive nature of these courses.

“Our students continue to be adventurous, reaching beyond the UK in search of places at the best universities around the world. This year our dedicated team worked with 11 Lancing students, all of whom received offers of a wide range of foreign institutions, including the University of Amsterdam; University of North Carolina, USA; University of Michigan, USA; University of Melbourne, Australia; IE University, Madrid; Polimoda Fashion School , Florence; The Hague; McMaster University, Canada; Pennsylvania State University, USA; University of Toronto, Canada; and the University of Queensland, Australia.

“Similarly, the individual support offered at Lancing throughout the sixth grade allows students to develop and follow specific areas of interest, as evidenced by the wide range of courses studied. This year, students leave to study subjects ranging from economics, mathematics, history and biochemistry to sports management, actuarial sciences, dietetics, criminology and zoology.

Ruth Banfield from Worthing was the last of four outstanding siblings to attend Lancing Prep Hove and Lancing College. An outstanding artist, she scored a clean sweep of three A*s to take an unqualified place at York St John’s University to read for a degree in illustration.

The college said Ruth was a bright student who followed her older brother Joseph, a first-class Durham graduate in politics, Samuel, the next oldest, who went on to read mathematics at Oxford, and Mary, the older sister of Ruth, now studying medicine.

Raphael Bellamy Plaice from Brighton got an A* in History and Religious Studies and an A in Latin. Raphael, a leading choral scholar and academic at Lancing and formerly BBC Young Chorister of the Year, is going to Durham University to read the story and will be a choral scholar.

Ben Bolton of Worthing, an alumnus of Lancing Prep Worthing, earned an A* in math and physics as well as an A in chemistry and a B in additional math. Ben will continue his studies in robotics, mechatronics and control engineering at Loughborough University.

Aimee Caddick from Felbridge joined Lancing Sixth Form at Dubai School and was one of its main writers. She got an A* in English Literature and an A in History and Politics. Aimee continues at the University of Exeter.

Charina Grant de Sompting, a former student of Lancing Prep Worthing, sports great and school prefect, is heading to the University of Bristol to pursue a degree in marketing in hopes of pursuing a career in business.

Warninglid’s Eliza Hawley scored outstanding A*s in English Literature and Music as well as an A in History. Eliza will go to the University of Sussex for a degree in English and Media Studies.

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