IPGMER will set up an infectious diseases department

Kolkata: The Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER) is about to launch a super specialty course on infectious diseases (ID) as the institute has received the administrative sanction from the state for its department infectious diseases (ID).

In December, the School of Tropical Medicine (STM) in Kolkata obtained approval from the National Medical Council to establish three DM seats in ID. If all the development goes according to plan, after STM, IPGMER will be the second in Bengal to run this course.

According to a recent media report by Times of India, the health department has issued an order and said that the state has given approval for the creation of 50 new positions in different categories for the identification department of the hospital. IPGMER & SSKM.

“A 60-bed ward has already been created. Along with creating posts, we will also need to gradually upgrade the facilities, including the laboratory,” said IPGMER director Manimoy Banerjee.

IPGMER is supposed to apply for permission for four seats after arranging all the necessary infrastructure, including manpower. IPGMER has the advantage of being a multi-specialty hospital where transplant surgeries are frequently performed.

The daily previously reported that an identification service was to be set up at Sambhunath Pandit Hospital (SNPH), its satellite unit. External services had also been launched. Dr. Yogiraj Ray and Ayan Basu, two of the faculty members, currently manage the department. The health department order created four additional positions for faculty members as well as nurses, medical technologists and doctors-in-training.

“Graft infections are part of the infectious disease curriculum, so that’s an added advantage at IPGMER,” said Yogiraj Ray, associate professor at ID. YOU.

Due to the shortage of identification specialists, healthcare sectors have faced a severe shortage of manpower during the pandemic. While the identification department only exists in a few institutes, a few medical colleges in other states are also eager to open such departments.

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