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Pets are part of the family in most households around the world. In Nigeria, pets like dog are a major companion and it is kept for various reasons ranging from security, breeding business and sports.

Among these reasons, security has gained ground in recent times due to the high incidence of insurgency and neighborhood security issues.

However, it is sad to note that dogs are one of the vectors of diseases like rabies, one of the oldest known infectious diseases of the human race, and it is still a disease of public health importance. , a study titled: “Assessment of knowledge and practice of vaccination of dogs against rabies by dog ​​owners in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria”, reveals.

The study also indicates that human rabies is responsible for approximately 60,000 human deaths per year and that most of these deaths occur in rural communities in Africa and Asia, with almost half of the victims being children of under 15 years old.

Unfortunately, many of those lives can be saved if bite victims and healthcare providers know what to do and have what they need, veterinarian Dr. Temitope Wright tells me.
The Veterinary Council of Nigeria has 9,000 registered members, but only 3,500 are active veterinarians. The others are in different professions or are no longer in the country.
We need more people to be trained in the profession, says Wright, adding that being a veterinarian is very lucrative in Nigeria.
To become a veterinarian, says Wright, you have to get a college certificate. “You have to go to school. It is a five-year course at university, after which you have to do a one-year industrial training (IT) in a reputable veterinary hospital or clinic.
“Once you graduate from university, you will receive a certificate allowing you to practice as a veterinary doctor. To gain more experience, you have to go to a veterinary clinic, after which you can start practicing as a veterinarian,” he explains.
Opening of a pet store
However, there is room for those who want to venture into the business but don’t have a degree, says the veterinarian, adding there is no need to go to college or in a school to own a pet store.
As long as he/she has the financial means to rent a shop in a good location, stock the pet store with all necessary pet products and toys, register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission ( CAC) and veterinary services, then he/she is ready to go, he reveals.

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