IGNITE launches CSR training for specialist and emergency veterinary hospitals

First-of-its-kind comprehensive front desk training program designed for new and established CSRs in emergency or specialty practices

IGNITE Veterinary Solutions, LLC has issued the Veterinary Receptionist, Specialty and Emergency Certificate of Excellence (VRCE Spec/ER). This is IGNITE’s second Customer Service Representative (CSR) certificate for career development, improved customer experience, and advanced hospital growth and profitability.

According to a company statement,1 IGNITE recognized that veterinary specialty and emergency hospitals have unique training needs to general medicine and require specialized training. Thus, this program equips CSRs new to an emergency or specialty practice and established CSRs in this industry with the essential skills necessary for the vital role they play in the clinic.

“I have to say that educating and empowering this deserving group of CSR has been among the most rewarding points of my career. We have seen our GP CSR students conquer their fears of financial discussions, rejoice when they are able to communicate value to a client and hear ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’, and speak the language of veterinary medicine more proficiently and instantly feel more accepted by the medical team,” Jill Clark, DVM, Founder and Visionary Director, said in the release.1

“I am delighted to bring the same confidence and capacity to our specialized and emergency CSRs! We have for too long lumped together all types of practice in veterinary education. It’s time to start learning specific to the difficulties and the environment of the specialty and the practice of emergencies! »

The VRCE Spec/ER program includes specialized training modules, including1:

  • Managing high-volume workloads
  • Relationship management of references
  • Advanced communication and terminology
  • Consistent and exceptional customer experience

VRCE Spec/ER includes courses over 2 semesters, and each student must complete a workbook containing personalized learning related to the student’s specialty and emergency hospital. Observation checklists require students to present their new skills to their supervisor/supervisor after each learning session. Each CSR student who has completed the program must complete and pass a proctored final test.


IGNITE® presents the first CSR training of its kind for specialist and emergency veterinary hospitals. Press release. IGNITE Veterinary Solutions. May 2, 2022. Accessed May 3, 2022.

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