Hundreds of New Zealand veterinary professionals put their names on an open letter to ban colony cages

SAFE published an open letter in the Dominion Post this morning, calling on Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor to announce a ban on colony cages.

More than 250 New Zealand veterinary professionals have put their names literally, warning the minister that colony cages do not meet the welfare needs of hens and violate the 1999 Animal Welfare Act.

CEO Debra Ashton said SAFE has been raising the need for a ban with the government for many years and that it is high time to act.

“Public opinion, big business and now the New Zealand veterinary community are all against caging chickens,” Ashton said.

“It is time for the Minister of Agriculture to show leadership in banning colony cage systems.”

Globally, there are significant removals from colony cages. The European Commission plans to ban the caging of all animals throughout the European Union by 2027. In our region, all major supermarkets in New Zealand will phase out the sale of eggs in cages by 2024.

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 requires that animals have the opportunity to display normal behaviors. With up to 80 hens crammed into each cage, the hens cannot roam freely or stretch their wings, forage for food, make a nest or take a dust bath.

“At present, more than 1.2 million hens are confined in colony cages which, according to the 1999 Animal Welfare Act, should be illegal. The government must listen to veterinary advice and align on international standards. “

“Colony cages clearly break the law and are incompatible with the welfare needs of the hens. It is time for them to leave.”

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