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Krsnaa Diagnostics is expected to finalize the stock award status of its initial public offering (IPO) on Wednesday. The issue of Rs 1,213.3 crore was opened for subscription last week with a price range set at Rs 933-954 per share. The issue was subscribed 64.40 times out of the 71.12 lakh shares. Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO received offers of over 45.80 crore shares against the total issue size of over 71.12 lakh shares. The portion reserved for Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) was subscribed 49.83 times. Non-institutional investors have made an offer for the IPO of Krsnaa Diagnostics 116.30 times. The commercial portion has been booked 42.04 times.

Investors can check the status of the share award in two ways a) through the ESB b) through the registrar’s website. As the award status has been finalized, non-eligible investors will be reimbursed by Thursday. Equity shares will be credited to the demat accounts of eligible investors on August 13.

How to check Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO award status through ESB

1) Go to the official ESB website through the URL (

2) This will take you to a page called “Application Status of Request”. There you have to select the “Equity” option.

3) Select “Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited” from the drop-down menu next to the name of the problem.

4) Enter your application number and the permanent account number (PAN). Then you just have to click on “I am not a robot” to verify yourself and click on “Search”. This will show you the status of the request.

How to check the award status of Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited shares through the Registrar’s website (KFin Technologies Private Limited)

1) Access the KFin Technologies Private Limited web portal -https: //

2) Select the IPO from the drop-down list where the name will be entered. This option will not open until the award is finalized.

3) You must select one of the three modes: request number, client ID or PAN ID

4) In the application type, select between ASBA and non-ASBA

5) Then you need to enter the details of the mode you selected in step 2

6) For security reasons, fill in the captcha accurately and press submit

Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO BPF:

Krsnaa Diagnostics’ IPO stock commanded a premium of 365 in the unofficial market over the issue price in the 933-954 price range. The gray market premium has increased by almost 40% from the top of the issue price.

Established in 2010, Krsnaa Diagnostics is one of the fastest growing diagnostic chains in India. The company offers a wide range of diagnostic services such as imaging / radiology services (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.), routine clinical laboratory tests, pathology and teleradiology services. It has more than 1,800 diagnostic centers located across the country.

“Krsnaa Diagnostics operates a very unique business model in radiology. The diagnostic centers are connected to a teleradiology center (located in Pune) to which the data is transmitted via special image transfer software. Qualified medical staff (who operate on a variable pay structure) have a 45-minute to 2-hour TAT to deliver diagnostic results, which is significantly faster than the industry average. The scalable business model has huge upside potential, ”said Ventura Broking.

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