HMC Unit Successfully Performs 147 Stem Cell Transplants Despite Covid-19 Pandemic

Doha: The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the National Cancer Research and Care Center (NCCCR), a member of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), successfully performed 42 allogeneic and 105 autologous blood stem cell transplants despite the strain on the healthcare system due to COVID-19.

“Bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is a very effective therapy and often the only hope for a cure or a longer life for patients with blood cancers. It is a procedure to replace disordered bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. Transplant doctors use this procedure to remove cancer or defective stem cells and restore a patient’s blood and immune system,” explained Dr. Javid Gaziev, head of the bone marrow transplant program. bone at the NCCCR.

Commenting on the progress of these allogeneic transplants, Dr Gaziev said: “Allogeneic stem cell transplantation is a highly specialized treatment and one of the significant advances in care at the NCCCR, as mandated by the National Cancer Strategy since 2011. Interdisciplinary expert teams of transplant physicians, transplant nurses, transfusion medicine, laboratory medicine and the stem cell processing laboratory have invested years of development work to finally establish this state-of-the-art transplant program. blood and marrow stem cells.

Dr. Gaziev further clarified: “These advanced therapies required many years of specialized transplant expertise. A total of 147 transplants with excellent results is an outstanding achievement since the introduction of the Qatar Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Program, which today stands out from other stem cell transplants. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years, we have managed to perform 25 emergency allogeneic transplants and 50 autologous ones.

Stem cell transplantation is a life-saving treatment for many cancer patients, especially those with blood cancers and certain inherited benign blood disorders like sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and others. This advanced therapy was not available in Qatar until 2015 when we introduced autologous stem cell transplantation, followed by the allogeneic blood and bone marrow transplant program in 2017. NCCCR Bone Marrow Transplant Services meet the best international standards in terms of patient safety and transplant technology. used by oncologists and our BMT specialists”.

Dr. Mohamed Salem Al Hassan, Medical Director of NCCCR, said, “HMC is committed to improving BMT techniques and providing innovative services and technologies to improve transplant capacity and capabilities for all patients with cancer, as well as to provide the best and most advanced. BMT services available to the people of Qatar,”

“HMC continues its development journey with many remarkable achievements and milestones achieved over the past three years. These achievements include the expansion of the day care unit, the significant transformation made to the outpatient department to treat more cancer patients to meet the increase in the number of Qatar’s general population and cancer patients. cancer in particular. In addition, the start of nuclear treatment of tumors following the opening of the first radiopharmaceutical laboratory to provide cancer patients with diagnostic and therapeutic care locally, sparing these patients the need to travel abroad for this type of care, added Dr. Al Hassan.

Simultaneously, there have been substantial changes in the way cancer is identified, diagnosed and treated in the country. With access to high-quality cancer services and the provision of dedicated, specialist care, the cancer treatment landscape continues to improve, with more cases being diagnosed earlier, and recovery rates survival continue to improve.”

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we have continued to improve our services to provide quality care to our patients, which is the challenge for the healthcare system in general and our oncology team in particular. In line with HMC’s mission, our ultimate goal is to develop a healthy population; our people are part of the equation to make it happen. We have accomplished so much through the dedication, determination and hard work of our employees, and there is still much more to do.

“At HMC, we are committed to continuing our efforts to improve medical performance, introduce the best treatment programs, use the latest equipment and technologies, and provide staff with the required training on the use of these technologies to ensure the delivery of high quality patient care, Dr. Al Hassan concluded.

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