GeniusVets Co-Founder David Hall Named “100 Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Influencers” and Guest on Forbes Board

David Hall accepts MARsum award and invitation to the Forbes Agency Board

GeniusVets posts results that exceed all other veterinary marketing companies combined.

GeniusVets posts results that exceed all other veterinary marketing companies combined.

Is your business booming?  This is the SEO effect.

Is your business booming? This is the SEO effect.

Showcasing a decade of success in digital marketing and exceptional contributions to the veterinary industry.

Veterinarians who understand that this is the greatest opportunity of their lives to dramatically increase the size and value of their practices are investing in marketing.

– David Hall

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2021 / – MARsum, the global conference on marketing, advertising and retail, named David Hall one of the “Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Influencers” for 2021. The same week, Forbes invited Hall to join its prestigious “Agency Board”, an invitation-only community where proven marketing leaders share information about what’s working now and what’s to come. As co-founder of, and founder of theSEOeffect.comDavid Hall has built a reputation among marketing agencies and senior executives as an SEO expert who makes a difference with a history of consistent success. Now, with these recent awards and recognitions, an expert who has produced results behind the scenes finds himself in the spotlight.

“You know, it’s fun because a lot of the biggest websites I’ve worked on, the SEO campaigns I’ve created, and the brands I’ve developed marketing strategies for have been for de very large companies and mostly under strict NDA; because I was someone that the agencies brought in to train their teams and lead large projects. These projects therefore do not generate much recognition for me outside of the direct customer relationship. But, with, a service-oriented agency to the veterinary industry that I started 5 years ago with my amazing partners Harley Orion and Dr Michele Drake, our clients are mostly these really wonderful little businesses and the results we get are getting. more attention than we expected, ”said Hall.

Just a few months ago, a veterinary marketing study came out comparing the performance of GeniusVets clients to that of clients of their main direct competitors. An interesting observation is that GeniusVets’ top 10 customer websites generate more traffic each month than the top 10 customers of their top 10 competitors combined, by over 30%. The study also found that in the first year of the GeniusVets program, their average customer saw a 511% increase in website traffic, a 229% increase in phone calls, and a 7.805% increase. Google ranking of page 1.

The publication of this study, in addition to the launch last year of the veterinary directory which gave more than 36,000 veterinary practice sites in the United States beautiful full-page profiles; and the recent introduction of a nationwide veterinary job site and available HR resources to support independent veterinary practices free of charge, have all placed GeniusVets at the top of the class in one of the fastest growing industries. fastest in the world.

“We started GeniusVets because the real heroes of the profession, the owners of independent veterinary practices, face an existential threat, and we can do something. Today, pet care begins online. Pet owners are turning to Google and social media for information on animal care. But most vets don’t realize the importance of their website and marketing. The industry is booming, so most vets feel they are doing well, but big business chains and consolidators can see the real opportunity and buy independent vet practices as quickly as they can. can. Meanwhile, vets who understand that this is the biggest opportunity of their lives right now to dramatically increase the size and value of their practices, are investing in marketing and preparing themselves incredibly well for the years to come. . Personally, I’ve always loved David and Goliath type stories, and we show these smaller independent firms, and a few select groups, how they can really maximize their opportunities and build phenomenal businesses, ”Hall said.

GeniusVets offers high performance veterinary websites, marketing strategies, tools, content and services; while serving a rapidly growing audience of pet owners and veterinary professionals.

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