GC Labs Introduces Korea’s First Total Microbiology Laboratory Automation System

Photo 1: WASPLab® as part of the TLA Total Laboratory Automation System in GC Laboratories in South Korea

GC Labs Introduces Korea’s First Total Microbiology Laboratory Automation System, Improving Efficiency and Accuracy of Microbiology Testing

GIHENG-GU, GYEONGGI-DO, SOUTH KOREA, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – GC Laboratories (CEO Eun-hee Lee), Korea’s leading clinical diagnostics company, announced on October 12 that it has introduced WASPLab® (bioMérieux, France), the first TLA in microbiology or Total laboratory automation system in Korea.
When a sample arrives, a clinical microbiology lab receives the sample, then typically inoculates the sample into medium and cultivates it overnight. After the culture, a tester checks if the sample is positive. If it is positive, it goes for identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and then the results are reported. To date, all of these test steps have been performed manually, and the type of inoculated medium and the culture time vary depending on the type of sample.

WASP laboratory®, recently first introduced in Korea by GC Labs, is an automated test system that automatically processes the series of steps from sample receipt to inoculation, cultivation and interpretation, all of which have been done manually. In particular, it automatically interprets the culture as positive or negative and allows test personnel to easily verify images on the monitor before communicating final results to healthcare professionals.

Ye-jin Oh, MD, Department of Laboratory Medicine, GC Labs, said, “WASPLab® Greatly improves the speed and efficiency of testing, allowing us to report results in just two days for negative urine culture tests and three days for positive urine culture tests, including identification tests and antimicrobial susceptibility, which traditionally took at least four days. It also improves test reproducibility and accuracy and minimizes lost or erroneous samples. “

GC Labs said it will officially start using the system in March of next year after a 6-month evaluation period. The company plans to further improve its competitiveness in terms of test efficiency and quality with the introduction of Korea’s first total microbiology laboratory automation system.

[Photo 1] Microbiology Laboratory Total Automation System (WASPLab®)

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