Friends talk after veterinarian dies in Grand Forks crash

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – A stack of eight cars occurred outside Grand Forks, ND on Friday morning, killing one and injuring many. The deceased man has been identified by friends and social media posts as Dr Eric Jayne, a beloved veterinarian in the animal community.

“When I got the call I was just very devastated, the others who worked with him and I told me that we would continue his legacy, that this clinic was going to take place and I know they got me will help to do it but It will never be the same. ” said Kathleen Wooden Knife, who runs a veterinary clinic on the Rosewood Reservation in South Dakota.

Dr Jayne has had a major impact on the veterinary world, with his contributions ranging from Hawai’i to the southern states. The majority of social media posts pointed out that Dr Jayne was always on the move, helping clinics across the country.

“It just shows what a big heart he had, doesn’t it?” Said Emma Clifford, a friend of Dr Jayne’s. “I mean everyone he touched, all of us. He had the biggest heart and he was the best human most of us have ever met.

Although he is no longer with them, Dr. Jayne’s impact and legacy will live on through the people and animals he has worked with.

“I mean he’s connected us now, and it’s awful that through his death he connected us, so we’re connected now, we’re going to stay connected and we just can’t thank Dr. Eric Jayne for all this he taught us all, says Clifford.

The accident is still under investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and information is expected to be released tomorrow.

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