Exer Urgent Care Launches In-House PCR Lab to Respond to Demand for Next Day Results as COVID-19 Testing Becomes Requirement for Travel, Events, and More


EL SEGUNDO, California., May 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Exer Urgent Care, an alternative to emergencies comprised of emergency room physicians, announced the launch of an in-house PCR lab to serve the 20 Southern california Locations. As Los Angeles enters the yellow level and plans to reopen the June 15, The COVID-19 test will be a requirement for travel, concerts, festivals, sporting events, weddings and return to work. Exer has taken the lead in creating a state-of-the-art PCR lab to offer patients the option of receiving PCR test results the next day, the “gold standard” in detecting COVID-19.

Typically, PCR test turnaround time can take up to 3-5 days, and when demand is high, results can take a week or more. With Exer’s in-house PCR lab, patients will be able to receive accurate results within 24-48 hours with the highest quality PCR technology, especially as COVID-19 testing intensifies during the summer season as more and more people travel and attend indoor and outdoor events. where negative results are required.

“As the needs of our patients evolve during the pandemic, we are looking for ways to innovate and improve their experience and we will continue to expand our services and implement new technologies to better serve the patient. community, ”said Rob mahan, CEO, Exer Urgent Care. “Our number one priority in developing an in-house PCR lab has been quality. Making this high-end service accessible to our patients allows us to meet their needs as efficiently and exceptionally as possible, evolving the role of emergency care. in today’s communities. “

The PCR lab will also allow Exer to increase testing volume, eliminating the need to outsource lab services. Patient benefits also include simplified billing through Exer, without receiving a separate bill from an outside lab. Exer’s PCR lab will also be a boon for large corporations and businesses as they require COVID-19 testing before employees return to work.

In accordance with all state guidelines, Exer PCR Lab is staffed with top-level scientists and laboratory technicians. The lab currently has the capacity of 1,000 specimens per day, but can grow up to 30,000 specimens per day in a matter of days if there is a demand.

“It is truly remarkable what we have been able to accomplish in a few months and with such adverse conditions caused by the pandemic. Every decision made during the development of our PCR lab has been with quality and patient needs in mind, ”said Dr. Jaffar Kermani, PhD, Laboratory Medicine Researcher, Exer Urgent Care. “We want our patients to have confidence that at Exer Urgent Care, they are receiving safe, high quality and convenient care from amazing healthcare teams who work tirelessly to best meet their needs.

Exer has seen a 127% increase in patient volume over the past year, working diligently to ensure hospitals are not overwhelmed. During the public health crisis, Exer adapted quickly and implemented innovative technologies to help Southern california with a viable ER healthcare alternative. Exer also opened three new clinics during COVID-19 and plans to open nearly a dozen more clinics in 2021, while hiring more than 400 new employees, year-over-year growth of 255% .

Exer Urgent Care is Southern california Fastest growing ER alternative with x-ray, IV, laceration and on-site diagnosis. Exer locations are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the last patient registered at 8:30 p.m. Exer accepts most Medicare, PPO, and HMO insurance, and offers affordable payment options for those with little or no health insurance.

For more information on Exer Urgent Care, visit ExerUrgentCare.com and follow @ExerUrgentCare on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Exer serves the next biggest Los Angeles regions: San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita, South Bay, Venturaand the Westside. For a complete list of the 20 Exer Clinic locations, visit ExerUrgentCare.com/locations/.

With 20 Southern california sites, Exer Urgent Care is comprised of emergency physicians who provide first-rate medical services in a clean, convenient, high-quality, and affordable emergency care environment to a growing number of communities across Southern california. With a pharmacy, lab, x-rays and more onsite, Exer can treat 80% of cases seen in an emergency room for a fraction of the cost. VirtualCare by Exer provides patients with real-time access to a walk-in Exer provider via video chat with a smartphone, tablet or computer. For more information on Exer Urgent Care, visit ExerUrgentCare.com.

SOURCE Exer Urgent Care

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