Dr. Vizarath Rasool Khan’s free mega medical camp ended successfully

Hyderabad: Dr. Vizarath Rasool Khan’s Free Mega Medical Camp at Shadan Hospital successfully ended on June 15, 2022. The camp started on May 23, 2022. Thousands of patients not only from Twin Cities and Telangana districts , but also neighboring states got benefited from this camp.

Publishing the details of the camp, Superintendent of Shadan Hospital, Dr. Vasantha Prasad, the ex-DME, said that 60,000 to 65,000 patients were treated during the 20 days of the camp, of which 15,000 to 20 000 were treated on an outpatient basis.

About 12,000 major and minor surgeries were performed, including caesarean sections, kidney stones, hernias, cataracts, and minor and major bone fractures. Under this camp, approximately 75,000 blood tests were performed, including cytopathology, hematology, microbiology, histopathology, clinical pathology, bio RT PCR and chemistry tests.

The Superintendent further stated that approximately 250 normal deliveries were made. Radiology and imaging tests considered to be the most expensive tests were carried out free of charge. These tests include CT scan 800, ultrasound approximately 3500, ECG and EEG 2500, mammogram approximately 350, barium study 550, CT guided FNAC tests 150, X-ray 5500 and 2D ECHO tests 550.

Dr. Sarab Rasool Khan congratulated the Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr. Vasantha Prasad, Ex-DME, Dr. Sushil Pakhinathan, Dean of Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Prahlad, Medical Director of the Shadan Hospital, Dr. Dinesh Raj Mathur, Director of the Academy and Head of all Super Specialty Departments, Registrars and Medical Officers, PG Doctors as well as Nursing and Paramedics.

Dr Khan also thanked the print, electronic and medical social media for coverage of the camp.

“The free medical camp has ended, but hospital services will remain available for the deserving poor,” Dr Khan said.

Dr Khan informed that Dr Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan Free Camp, Aziz Nagar RR District will continue till 22nd 2022 with full medical staff available 24 hours a day for patient service to ensure the comfort of all who come from the city and districts as well as neighboring states.

Transportation and free catering facilities will be provided for visitors to Dr. Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan Hospital.

24 hour inquiries are available on the following helplines: 8676311747, 8686285796, 900098544, 9849019535, 9885751975,

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